Home Port Property Will Help You To Buy Lucrative Off-The-Plan Investment Properties… Cherry Picked From Australia’s Hottest Locations

Whether you are an experienced or a first time investor, we are proud to work exclusively with the best developers, so we can provide you with consistently strong capital growth and high rental returns. And with over 40 years combined experience in the investment property industry, you know you’re in safe hands.

So if you’re looking for exclusive investment opportunities at wholesale prices, you’ve come to the right place. However, these investments only become available a few times a year. And the only way to get notifications of brand new opportunities is to become a priority investor. It’s free and you can do it right now, simply by clicking here and filling out the form.

But just in case you want to know more, here are 11 great reasons why you should buy off the plan property from Home Port Property…

1) We are often able to negotiate exclusive benefits for you, the investor.

Thanks to our strong alliances with world-class developers we are able to offer you various perks that include rental guarantees at market rates, window furnishings at no charge… and various other project-specific benefits.

2) You don’t have to pay for our services, it’s FREE!

We get paid our fees from the developers, so you won’t have to pay us a cent.

3) You’ll have access to new and off-the-plan investments that are premium quality, and in the major population and growth areas of Australia.

What makes us different is the quality of the properties we offer.  And you get EARLY-BIRD ACCESS, which ensures you benefit from the best possible prices. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive investor benefits, which save you money. But the biggest benefit to you is the prime LOCATION of our projects.

4) We have a large pool of world-class developers who we have built solid relationships with.

This gives you peace of mind knowing you can rely on our developers to produce the best possible results. And our close alliances with them means you get access to various extra perks when they become available.

5) We knock back more projects than we take on.

If any project fails to meet our strict requirements (including quality, location, and price) we won’t list it. This strict selection policy guarantees the properties you get introduced to are the cream of the crop.

6) We have a proven track record over a long period.

Home Port Property has been operating with its current model since 2002. However, we’ve been directly involved in the marketing of investment property for over 40 years. This includes accumulated sales of well over $3 billion. And unlike many of our competitors, we genuinely possess the knowledge, skills and experience to only recommend properties to you that are highly likely to become lucrative investments.

7) If you are a foreign investor, we can help you too!

Your location is no barrier. We have worked with investors from the UK , China, USA , Canada , Singapore , Hong Kong, Malaysia , Japan , Australia , New Zealand , Iceland , Ireland , UAE, South Africa, India and many other countries. So even if you’re living in New York, we can still offer you the same high level of service. *

8) Your 10% deposit is safe and secure

Typically you’ll pay a 10% deposit when contracts exchange, with no more to pay until project completion. The deposit sits in the trust account of the vendor’s solicitor, until the project is complete. Worse case scenario, if the vendor goes bust, your deposit is refunded… plus any interest that has been earned on top of it. However, seeing as we only work with developers who meet our strict standards and have a strong track record, it’s highly unlikely that will happen.

9) You get peace of mind from our rental guarantees that are designed to help you get started.

Because we focus on locations and properties that are highly desirable and in strong demand, it is unlikely you’ll have trouble finding tenants. However, if this is the case, we can often negotiate a rental guarantee with the developer, to cover you for that first few weeks, until a tenant is in place**.

10) You won’t have to pay a higher price to pay for the rental guarantee

We have very strong relationships with major developers, and we access the projects very early (usually prior to any public launch). So therefore, the actual property prices that you’ll pay are at, or below, the prices offered at public launches. This means any rental guarantee or other benefits you receive are TRUE BENEFITS. This results in real cash savings for you.

11) We offer you apartments, not houses.

There are four main reasons for this:

  1. Nowadays, modern apartments with great facilities and easy access to work, transport and lifestyle locations are far more desirable than a house in the outer suburbs.
  2. As major cities continue to grow, the inner city suburbs will ALWAYS be in much higher demand. And there is also much less supply for these properties, than new housing developments in the outer suburbs.
  3. Apartments tend to have a far higher rental yield and greater tax deductions.
  4. The tenants in these apartments tend to be professionals without kids, which means less wear and tear on the property, and a greater capacity to pay higher rental prices.

So take action and become a priority investor today! It’s free and you’ll receive market updates on new and upcoming opportunities to buy off the plan property. However, there are only a limited amount of properties that become available a few times a year, so you don’t want to miss out. Click the button below if you want to be among the first to know about these limited off plan properties!

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*There are some occasions where our developers limit the amount of apartments available to non-residents.

** Rental guarantees are not always available. They are project and developer-specific.