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If you are a non resident investor, looking to learn more about your finance options within Australia, you may find the Non residents – Finance page of interest.

For both local and non resident investors, details of our preferred Mortgage Broker follow:

Preferred Mortgage Broker Details:
Home Port Property works closely with Shire First Mortgages, an organisation which offers a mortgage broking service, working with over 20 of Australia ’s major bank and non bank lenders.  Shire First Mortgages is well equipped to find an appropriate loan product to suit the needs of both local and overseas investors from these lenders.

This is a free service as Shire First Mortgages are paid by the lenders. Your fees and interest rates are the same on each product from the various lenders regardless of whether your loan has been organised directly with the lender or with the help of Shire First Mortgages.

If you have any mortgage finance queries, please feel free to contact Susanne Massingham, principal of Shire First Mortgages, directly:

Susanne’s email is:
Phone: +61(0)2 9531 7503
Fax:  +61(0)2 9531 7628


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