Buying Australian Property Off the Plan – Home Port Property


Buying Australian property off the plan is the choice of many local and non resident investors.
It gives investors the opportunity to secure a property at today’s prices on a 10% deposit with
no more to pay until completion, which can often be 12 to 36 months away. Off plan projects
will often experience price increases once the project begins to sell quickly, so it’s always best
to get in early, ensuring you access the initial launch prices.

Following are various articles which may be of interest as regards the general purchase process,
various investor benefits which Home Port are often able to negotiate, stamp duty savings for
Melbourne property etc.

Just click on the links below or to the right and be sure to view the video below which highlights
many of the projects that our investors have bought to date across Australia’s major capital cities
of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  All of these apartments were purchased off plan and all were
offered to our investors prior to their retail launch.  Many subsequently experienced price increases.
In addition, as highlighted in the video, for many of our projects we are able to offer exclusive investors
benefits, which often include an initail rental guarantee at market rate to ensure our investors have an
immediate rental guarantee once their project completes, whilst a permanent tenant is found.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like further information.

Buying off the plan with Home Port, watch our video to see the Home Port difference: